Wireless Access Points


Access Point Controller TNAC-3200

The TNAC-­‐3200 Wireless Controller serves as the command, coordination, and control center of a wireless network with multiple access points. In a network without a wireless controller, the wireless access points are unaware of each other and act independently – resulting in sub-­‐optimal network performance, coverage gaps, and unreliable connectivity. The TNAC-­‐3200 removes this problem by configuring wireless APs, allowing integrators to install, configure, and optimize all access points in a job within minutes – and easily keep them operating at extreme performance level.



The TNAP-300N is a 300Mbps indoor ceiling access point for hotels, resorts, hospitals, office buildings, universities and large residential environments that need to have a large, and powerful wireless network. The TNAP-300N features an independent power amplifier to enhance wireless signal for client devices, such as wireless laptops, tablets and smartphones. With the aesthetically pleasing ceiling design, the TNAP-300N can be deployed easily on the ceiling or in crawlspaces. Also the TNAP-300N can be deployed in areas where outlets are scarce or not available at all, this is possible thanks to 802.3at PoE compliance.


Wireless Access Points TNAP-1750

TNAP-1750 is dual-band ceiling wireless Access Point that can be deployed in a high-density environment such as a Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel Lobby, Multi-Media Room etc. with both 2.4GHz, and 5GHz radios. The TNAP-1750 provides a perfect Internet experience with 5G 802.11AC communications. Combine multiple TNAP-1750’s with a TNAC-3200 Access Controller to provide a whole hotel, office building etc. with ultra fast Wi-Fi coverage.